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Do NOT Outsource to Clipping Path India company

Posted by Clipping Path

Let me ask you this, why you are looking for a Clipping Path India company? Is there any specific reason? Or it is just the cost that instantly pops up the Clipping Path India name?

I think its due to the offshore cost and the reputation India built in the past decade in the outsourcing industry pushes that name in people's head. Where in reality, India may not be the best outsourcing destination depending on what you are looking to outsource.

In your situation, you are looking to outsource your image editing, photo retouching, background removal, ghost mannequin editing, or clipping path work to a company in India. Which is why you are looking for Clipping Path India company. But did you know that there are other countries in the world where people do the same type of job for a lot lower cost?

Is it too hard to think that people in other countries can actual get the job done at the same level of professionalism maintaining the same level of quality at a lower cost? Well, let me explain why it is possible for other countries to work for you at a lower cost.

When it comes to the cost of the work done, all depends on how is the economy of the country you are looking to outsource to? It is only practical that a country with $2,000 per capita income will be able to do the job for lot cheap compared to a country with a per capita income of say $8,000.

Its the living standard of the country and the average household income that dictate the outsourcing cost. India is a good option but it is not so much of a developing country any more. There are lots of countries that are far behind in economic development compared to India where you can outsource y our clipping path work for lot cheap.

Joolo.com is a Canadian owned clipping path company with a production office in Bangladesh. So stop looking for Clipping Path India and contact us for the best pricing today.

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Clipping Path India is a Bad Choice

Posted by Clipping Path

So you have decided to outsource your clipping path jobs to a Clipping Path India company, eh?

Well, it might seem like a good option when you come to think about it. But when you analyze some facts, soon you will realize that there are better options available for you.

Why you are looking for a Clipping Path India company to begin with? So that you can outsource your clipping path and photo retouching work some at a low rate, right? That is typically the case. Companies have image editing needs and they want to same money processing those images. It is only natural to outsource the work to an offshore company and first thing that pops up any one's mind is Clipping Path India.

Indian outsourcing companies made some good reputation over the course of years and some of the professional outsourcing companies out there are known to work with some major companies in developed countries for quite a long time now. But there are other countries where you will find skilled workers at a lower rate.

Bangladesh for example. Bangladesh is not working on outsourcing as long as India is doing for which when people think about IT outsourcing, they don't typically think Bangladesh. But in reality, some of the major player in clipping path outsourcing are located in Bangladesh.

Reputable clipping path companies in Bangladesh are working on clipping jobs at a lot lower rate than Clipping Path India companies. So why not take advantage of low pricing for the same quality job and outsource to a different country?

Contact us at Joolo.com and let us show you the price difference.

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Clipping Path India is NOT your Best Choice

Posted by Clipping Path

When looking for IT or computer related outsourcing, first country that comes to mind is India. Reason is very simple. India is technologically advanced and have a lot of skilled IT professionals that are willing to do the outsourcing work for a fraction of what the job would cost in the native country. While its all good and there are Clipping Path India companies that can do your job just fine, when it comes to cost, there are other options.

Think Bangladesh. Over half the country's total population are youth and a large number of them are computer literate. With per capita income being lower than India and office rent is also significantly lower than India, Bangladesh is your prime clipping path outsourcing destination.

You get the same level of job, same quality, same delivery within deadline. Only at a lower cost.

So forget Clipping Path India and think Clipping Path Bangladesh!

And if you get a clipping path company that is located in Canada with a studio in Bangladesh that is capable of delivering the same Clipping Path India service at a lower cost, would that be too high to shoot at?

Contact Joolo.com and find it out for yourself. We are a Canadian clipping path company with a studio in Bangladesh where our actual work get done. You communicate with a Canadian company located in Canada so you know customer service and communication will be far superior than you would otherwise get form a Clipping Path India company.

Contact Joolo.com and request a quote or sample for your clipping path job. Be ready to experience the difference.

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Why Clipping Path India

Posted by Clipping Path

If you are looking to outsource your clipping path work offshore, then there is a better country than India to outsource. Bangladesh is the best and leading clipping path outsourcing company now. Visit www.Joolo.com to outsource your clipping path work.

It is true that India is a big outsourcing market and clipping path India is a very popular search term among interested group of people. However, when people are searching for clipping path India, it is not always the fact that they hire a clipping path India company that is actually located in India. Sometime people end up hiring companies that are located in other countries that are popular destination for outsourcing.

A fact that everyone needs to know who are searching for clipping path India. 75% of the clipping path work that is being outsourced offshore are actually being outsourced to Bangladesh. Most prominent clipping path outsourcing companies in the world right now are in Bangladesh. So instead of searching for clipping path India, people should actually be searching for clipping path Bangladesh which would make more sense.

Bangladesh is a very popular destination for clipping path outsourcing lately as over half of the countries population are young generation that are highly skilled with technology and computer related work. Due to low per capita income in Bangladesh and office rent, employee salary being lower than that of India, clipping path work in Bangladesh is actually cheaper than clipping path India outsourcing.

So don’t just keep looking for clipping path India company to work with. Outsource your clipping path work to us with confidence and let Joolo Media show you what we are made of.

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Clipping Path India Outsourcing

Posted by Clipping Path

For the best Clipping Path India Outsourcing company, visit http://www.joolo.com/clipping-path/

When looking for Clipping Path Outsourcing company, there are few things you need to keep in mind and consider.

Your Clipping Path Outsourcing Budget:

How much you are willing to pay for the clipping path service outsourcing? There are all kinds of Photoshop editing companies out there and every single company has its own pricing structure. How much you are paying will tell you what type of company you can outsource your work to and in which location. If you are hiring an USA or Canada based company, you are expected to pay lot more than when you hire an offshore Clipping Path Outsourcing company.

How important is the clipping path service quality:

If the service is important to you, then you are expected to pay a little premium for it. An offshore company offering cheap clipping path india work will not have the same level of service compared to a developed country company with top of the line service.

Is delivery time important on your clipping path job?

When do you need the delivery? Is it within 24 hours, is it within 72 hours? Or you can wait longer? Can you just sit tight after assigning the clipping path job to an outsourcing company keeping your fingers crossed hoping that the job will be done anytime soon? Or you need to have a guarantee that the work will be done within the next 24 hours or less? How much a company charges has lot to do with how their delivery time will be. A company with lot of workers working away meeting client deadline will have more cost compared to a company with hardly any staff. Less employees will save on the employee wages but will have a direct impact on the delivery time.

Clipping path job quality:

Pricing will also depend on the quality of the job itself. A hand clipped image version a clipping path created using magic wand will require 2 different time on the same image. Hand clipped image will certainly require lot more time than a clipping done using the magic wand tool. Cost will also vary based on how the clipping was done.

Finally, is Clipping Path Outsourcing for you?

If you have high volume of images that needs clipping path job done on them, then it is a good idea to outsource the work to a Clipping Path Outsourcing company. No matter where you office is located, if you can get the job done for lot less cost than you can do it yourself, then its always a good idea to outsource the work. Saving time and money on business process is not a new practice and many companies are taking advantage of it. You might take advantage of Clipping Path Outsourcing as well.

Contact Joolo Media for all your Clipping Path Outsourcing needs.

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