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Clipping Path India is NOT your Best Choice

Posted by Clipping Path

When looking for IT or computer related outsourcing, first country that comes to mind is India. Reason is very simple. India is technologically advanced and have a lot of skilled IT professionals that are willing to do the outsourcing work for a fraction of what the job would cost in the native country. While its all good and there are Clipping Path India companies that can do your job just fine, when it comes to cost, there are other options.

Think Bangladesh. Over half the country's total population are youth and a large number of them are computer literate. With per capita income being lower than India and office rent is also significantly lower than India, Bangladesh is your prime clipping path outsourcing destination.

You get the same level of job, same quality, same delivery within deadline. Only at a lower cost.

So forget Clipping Path India and think Clipping Path Bangladesh!

And if you get a clipping path company that is located in Canada with a studio in Bangladesh that is capable of delivering the same Clipping Path India service at a lower cost, would that be too high to shoot at?

Contact Joolo.com and find it out for yourself. We are a Canadian clipping path company with a studio in Bangladesh where our actual work get done. You communicate with a Canadian company located in Canada so you know customer service and communication will be far superior than you would otherwise get form a Clipping Path India company.

Contact Joolo.com and request a quote or sample for your clipping path job. Be ready to experience the difference.

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