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Do NOT Outsource to Clipping Path India company

Posted by Clipping Path

Let me ask you this, why you are looking for a Clipping Path India company? Is there any specific reason? Or it is just the cost that instantly pops up the Clipping Path India name?

I think its due to the offshore cost and the reputation India built in the past decade in the outsourcing industry pushes that name in people's head. Where in reality, India may not be the best outsourcing destination depending on what you are looking to outsource.

In your situation, you are looking to outsource your image editing, photo retouching, background removal, ghost mannequin editing, or clipping path work to a company in India. Which is why you are looking for Clipping Path India company. But did you know that there are other countries in the world where people do the same type of job for a lot lower cost?

Is it too hard to think that people in other countries can actual get the job done at the same level of professionalism maintaining the same level of quality at a lower cost? Well, let me explain why it is possible for other countries to work for you at a lower cost.

When it comes to the cost of the work done, all depends on how is the economy of the country you are looking to outsource to? It is only practical that a country with $2,000 per capita income will be able to do the job for lot cheap compared to a country with a per capita income of say $8,000.

Its the living standard of the country and the average household income that dictate the outsourcing cost. India is a good option but it is not so much of a developing country any more. There are lots of countries that are far behind in economic development compared to India where you can outsource y our clipping path work for lot cheap.

Joolo.com is a Canadian owned clipping path company with a production office in Bangladesh. So stop looking for Clipping Path India and contact us for the best pricing today.

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