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Clipping Path India is a Bad Choice

Posted by Clipping Path

So you have decided to outsource your clipping path jobs to a Clipping Path India company, eh?

Well, it might seem like a good option when you come to think about it. But when you analyze some facts, soon you will realize that there are better options available for you.

Why you are looking for a Clipping Path India company to begin with? So that you can outsource your clipping path and photo retouching work some at a low rate, right? That is typically the case. Companies have image editing needs and they want to same money processing those images. It is only natural to outsource the work to an offshore company and first thing that pops up any one's mind is Clipping Path India.

Indian outsourcing companies made some good reputation over the course of years and some of the professional outsourcing companies out there are known to work with some major companies in developed countries for quite a long time now. But there are other countries where you will find skilled workers at a lower rate.

Bangladesh for example. Bangladesh is not working on outsourcing as long as India is doing for which when people think about IT outsourcing, they don't typically think Bangladesh. But in reality, some of the major player in clipping path outsourcing are located in Bangladesh.

Reputable clipping path companies in Bangladesh are working on clipping jobs at a lot lower rate than Clipping Path India companies. So why not take advantage of low pricing for the same quality job and outsource to a different country?

Contact us at Joolo.com and let us show you the price difference.

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